I love to tell this story .. it’s even said to be true …

There was a little old lady who went to her Pastor one day with complete sincerity ..  telling  him that when she passed as was placed in her casket she would like to have her “fork” buried with her ..  he chucked and asked her if she was serious ..  she simply stated .. “yes  sir .. and here’s a letter to read at my service that will explain it all” ..  so as his duty he promised to honor her request ..  well .. a few years later as he stood behind the pew at her funeral  … he remembered that day and with another chuckle opened the letter ..  and it read:

Dear Family and Friends ..

I am sure you are all wondering why I asked to be buried with my fork .. yes .. I have always been a little eccentric .. but not in this case  .. you see .. when I was a little girl at dinner time .. when we were finished eating .. mama would come around to collect our plates and she would always say to me with such love ..  “keep your fork baby .. somethin’ better’s comin'”  …   haha ..

Oh Yeah …  Love Wins Period

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