We live in such a way that often we find .. that yes .. we blame other people .. we blame circumstances .. and yes .. haha .. we even blame objects for our problems .. but friends .. life is full of different people and different situations .. some being good .. and yes .. some being not so good .. and no .. it’s not until we learn to accept responsibility for our own lives that we’ll continue to be at the mercy of circumstances .. haha .. that’s right .. so yes .. instead of blaming others for what’s wrong in our lives .. we need to focus on what we can do to make things better for not only ourselves but for those around us .. for friends .. sulking and feeling sorry for ourselves get’s us no where .. the truth is .. it’s our own responsibility to make ourselves happy .. nobody else’s .. and friends .. it’s when we truly begin to appreciate and savor the goodness that God has placed right in front of us .. that we’ll find .. the joy in every circumstance we encounter .. which in turn .. gives us new reasons to be happy on a daily basis .. haha .. so yes .. we accept life as it is and people as they are .. for yes .. it’s all about people loving people .. just the way He intended it to be .. so yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“For God shows no partiality”

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