It’s a beautiful day here at the beach today .. and yes .. I’m inside working and all is well .. for the truth is  ..  as I’m sitting here this afternoon my thoughts are on this Holy Week  .. and yes .. about Jesus and just what this day brought Him so many many years ago .. I’m finding myself lost in a very intimate scene .. filled with many emotions .. it all takes place around a table .. an intimate gathering with His disciples .. as He so gently expressed His worries about the betrayal cowardice and denial He was about to face ..  we can almost feel the room fill with confusion and most likely a great bit of anger .. oh but yes .. the bitter taste of this evening is also counter balanced by Jesus being accompanied by those He loves .. and yes .. by those who love Him .. some of whom are willing to give their very lives for Him .. oh and then .. in a moments time that bitter atmosphere is turned into delight by His simple assurance of the divine glory He is about to experience .. what a day .. and yes .. a week that must have been to live through .. for yes sweet friends .. at this table there’s fear and confusion .. oh but .. there’s also the reminder of His invitation to each and every one of us to accept His unconditional love .. for yes yes yes  .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“But I said .. “I have labored in vain .. I have spent my strength for nothing at all .. yet what is due me is in the Lord’s hand .. and my reward is with my God”

Please enjoy this beautiful song  and video by our sweet friend Karyn Williams expressing the freedom we have in Christ.


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