I keep going back to this scripture over and over .. I see why .. it’s draws so many people .. for it simply tells us .. that if we allow Him .. God will direct our path .. and no .. as much as we’d like it to .. it doesn’t mean we’ll even know He’s doing it .. for if we notice .. this particular passage doesn’t say that He will direct us to the path .. haha .. nope .. it simply says .. He will direct the path to us .. for as we all know .. much of what He does .. He does in ways .. that aren’t dramatic .. nor miraculous .. or .. even noticeably Him .. yet .. He gives us exactly what He promises to give us .. His will .. for you see .. friends .. He knows exactly what He is doing .. we may be confused .. but .. there is absolutely no confusion on His part .. we may be indecisive .. but .. there is no indecision on His part .. and friends .. we can always trust .. . there is never any indifference on His part .. for simply .. He cares about what we care about .. haha .. even more .. than we do .. and no sweet friends .. even when we feel like He’s not there .. we can totally trust .. there is absolutely no possibility that He has left us or forsaken us .. for .. there is always a purpose to everything He does .. or .. doesn’t do .. oh yes .. all of this .. would drive us utterly crazy .. if .. we tried to understand it on our own .. but sweet friends .. it will never make us crazy .. if we simply trust .. and .. do .. what He says .. it’s His recipe for our living and walking with Him .. right here .. right now .. in this place we are in .. as His sons and daughters .. and that my friends .. makes every day an adventure .. so .. come on now .. let’s get on the train .. for .. it’s the makings of .. a glorious trip .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart .. lean not upon your own
understanding .. in all your ways acknowledge Him .. and He will
direct thy path.”


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