There is nothing more painful than to be on our knees pouring out our heart to God only to watch .. as our dreams are being crushed right before our very eyes .. yet as Believers .. we know through our faith .. God has heard our cries for help .. He said in His word that He would never leave us nor abandon us .. yet despite knowing that He is aware of our struggle .. we still feel left with nothing but a broken heart .. eyes that can’t stop crying and a question within as to why He would allow us to go through this excruciating pain .. it’s difficult to understand when we are so overwhelmed and life has taken it’s toll .. but friends .. it’s in our attitude in these times of turmoil that indicates where our faith lies .. we may feel alone .. but .. we know we are not .. for .. the more serious the situation .. the more grace He extends .. we don’t have to fight this battle alone .. we can trust that He has everything under control .. no … it’s not always our way .. but .. that’s where our faith steps in .. and .. if we try to understand this .. peace will come when all hope seems gone .. our struggle is the transforming power that reveals His strength .. wow .. so basically .. His purpose when we face these battles .. is to bring us through our heartache and reveal more of Himself to us .. for friends .. our battle was won long ago .. through Christ .. although this may seem difficult to comprehend when our heart is breaking .. it’s the simple truth .. and this truth .. is simply .. our ticket to freedom .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period​

“In this world you will have trials and tribulation .. but take heart .. I have overcome the world.”


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