We’ve all been there .. heck .. some of us are there now .. yes .. I’m talking about .. running from God .. at some point in our lives .. we’ve ran hard .. and .. when we did .. we’ve found ourselves missing out on some of His greatest joys and blessings .. simply by .. failing to turn to Him for grace and power in those times of weakness .. for friends .. the truth is .. His supernatural strength .. it’s a surge of hope and encouragement when we face difficulty .. and/or .. when we feel trapped by our circumstances .. for He always and forever .. brings an embrace of love when we suffer rejection or betrayal .. oh yes .. we know .. without a doubt .. that no matter what life deals our way .. He’s absolutely going to pull us to safety .. IF .. we call out to Him .. that’s right .. for .. He is the One .. who can save us from defeat .. while giving us the hope that we need .. He’ll deliver us from anything and everything that threatens our fellowship with Him .. for friends .. there is nothing on this earth .. that is match for His grace .. yes .. the victory is ours .. oh no .. not through our own efforts or strength .. no way .. it comes straight from His hands and His grace .. the bottom line .. there is no one more committed to our success .. than Him .. so .. no matter what we face today .. or .. tomorrow for that matter .. His grace is sufficient .. His power is revealed and made perfect through our very weaknesses .. and friends .. we can never be ashamed to cry out to Him .. for .. He listens and waits for us .. then comes .. in His awesome gentle way .. totally fulfilling the promise of His perfect .. ” Amazing Grace” .. haha ..” how sweet the sound .. that saved a wretch like me” .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace .. that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need”

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