As most of you know .. one of the things our family does .. is catering and event planning .. and .. as most of you know .. October is the busiest wedding month of the year .. haha .. needless to say .. we have a lot going on .. although .. we all have our place in the process of making these .. “Best Day Ever” .. events happen .. we’re gonna run into each other .. and .. there just may be .. “emotions flying” .. when we do .. haha .. so .. we pray up before each event .. then .. we do our best to stay mindful .. not to allow ourselves to get .. “unruffled” .. no matter what happens .. for as a family working together .. we know .. there will be times when we must keep our emotions in check .. for when we don’t .. our productivity comes to a halt .. we get all wrapped up in the emotion .. and simply .. find it hard to keep moving .. oh .. but friends .. we are so learning .. in all we do .. “pray up and be ready” .. ’cause that old enemy .. he’ll rear his head .. IF .. we let him .. haha .. oh yes .. it’s when we keep that deep .. “inner calmness” .. that God so abundantly offers .. in all we do .. every single day .. we are able to move more effectively .. that’s right .. in the rush of our every day lives .. that .. “inner silence” .. is a remarkable tool .. to keep us on an even keel .. as we are leaning .. patience and humility .. for one another .. constantly doing all we can to bring in the peace .. oh yes .. there will be times .. when we feel like an emotional bundle .. and .. we want to lash out .. simply .. out of frustration .. but friends .. it’s when .. we use the tools He has given us .. we are able to step back .. get our .. “peace on” .. and .. understand this reality .. “humility .. absolutely does come … before honor” .. haha .. let’s do this people .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.

“Now may the Lord of peace Himself .. give you His peace at all times and in every situation .. the Lord be with you all”


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