Friends .. putting the past in the past .. is the way it’s suppose to be .. plain and simple .. if it were not so .. we’d all remember a whole lot more than we do .. haha .. that’s right .. so .. whether it was yesterday .. last year .. or .. thirty years ago .. we have to let it go ..  for the truth is .. just as our memories fade .. the actual account of what happened will too ..  for  friends ..  what we must remember .. is simply .. the past only has an impact on the present .. when we continue to waste our powerful thoughts and energy on something that no longer exists .. haha .. that is .. other than in our own mind .. for simply .. whatever it was that happened .. it’s over now .. and the truth is .. no matter how uncomfortable it was for us .. we need to come to the understanding that at some level .. haha .. we chose it .. and .. that choice .. it’s help build our character .. and yes .. it’s made us stronger than ever .. so .. whenever we find ourselves wondering why something turned out the way it did .. we can simply trust ..   we don’t know  the “big picture” .. and friends .. the beauty of this .. we don’t really need to know ..  for simply .. even though we may feel sad about a certain event in our past .. we can make the decision to accept the realization .. that there is .. a higher order to things .. and yes ..  Our God .. He’ll  always and forever .. see that something good will come .. for simply ..  ” He’s got the whole world in His hands .. He’s got the whole world in His Hands ”  .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”



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