Soon I will be getting my things together to head back to the Florida Coast .. born and raised .. the only home I’ve known .. until now ..  oh yes .. these few days here have been wonderful .. I’ve seen family members I’ve not seen in over 35 years .. I’ve spent time with their families and in their homes .. as I’ve experience the different personalities .. and .. I’ve takem in the love ..  I’ve been reminded .. once again .. just how marvelous and incredible God truly is .. that in His ultimate wisdom He has created in us all .. different personalities ..  each of us …  with our own uniqueness ..  you see friends .. there is no .. “ideal” .. personality type in this world .. there is no single mold that He wishes we would all squeeze into  .. He adores variety .. He wants us all to be different … He wants shy and social .. He wants quiet and loud .. He wants introverted and extroverted .. He wants dramatic and calm .. oh .. and yes .. in His Grace .. haha .. and .. His  sense of humor .. He’ll throw us together ..  simply in order .. to sandpaper those rough edges ..  for we are all .. like an original painting which an artist creates in a moment of passionate inspiration .. ahh .. and then later .. finds great pleasure when gazing upon it .. that’s right .. He .. God Himself .. the Artist of Creation .. did not throw any of us together in a hurry .. nor .. did He crank us out of conveyor belt of clones .. we are a unique combination of traits He has put together intentionally .. absolutely none of us … nor .. anything about us ..  is a mistake .. so with that .. as we walk through each day .. we are gently reminded  ..  when we allow  Him .. to mold us and shape us ..  through every personality .. and .. every situation we face .. we are simply .. allowing Him .. to make us more .. like Him .. my heart is full and my checks are checked .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.

“For as in one body we have many members .. and the members do not all have the same function .. so we .. though many .. are one body in Christ .. and individually members one of another .. having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us ..  let us use them”




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