Friends .. I don’t know about you .. but me .. I’m a people pleaser .. been one all of my life .. haha .. however .. today .. I’m proud to say .. I’m a people pleaser in recovery .. haha .. that’s right .. I’m peeling off the layers .. honestly looking within .. so .. to leave all that “people pleasing” nonsense behind .. haha .. for yes .. the truth is .. us people pleasers .. we live in fear .. fear that others will see our past failures .. mistakes .. and .. shortcomings .. and therefore .. choose not to love us .. and friends .. the reality .. many of them won’t .. but .. it doesn’t really matter anymore .. for now .. we people pleasers of the world .. have discovered the truth .. simply put .. not everyone will love us .. and .. those who do love us .. will never love us the way we crave to be loved .. nope .. it’s not gonna happen .. for friends .. there’s not one person in this world that can feed this hunger we have deep down inside .. like God can .. haha .. that’s right .. the only real freedom for us .. comes simply .. from truly understanding .. and yes .. experiencing .. who we are in Him .. for friends .. we all have things from our past that humiliate and embarass us .. and yes .. we’d love to be able to wipe the slate clean .. and become .. something more than our lifetime accumulation of sin and failure .. and friends .. I’m here to tell you .. we can .. for on this journey of recovery .. it has become crystal clear .. we all have a clean slate from which to move forward .. we are children of the Most High .. and .. since we are His children .. all that is His .. simply becomes ours .. haha .. and yes .. that’s awesome .. because now .. we have all His resources .. available to us .. and .. because we’re friends with Jesus .. we now have .. the possibility of being able to develop .. the greatest relationship we’ll ever know .. yes .. it’s been a hard climb to reach this point .. for me personally .. I’ve spent many lonely days and nights peeling off the layers and looking at the core .. the root .. if you will .. and I can honestly say .. no .. I’m not where I used to be .. and no .. I’m not where I’m gonna be .. but today .. I’m content within .. for simply .. in Him .. I know that I know that I know .. I’ve got a friend .. straight ’til the end .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“I’m not trying to win the approval of people .. but of God .. if pleasing people were my goal .. I would not be Christ’s servant”

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