Yesterday was a long hard day .. haha .. I had been up most of the night .. and .. what little sleep I did get was muddled by disturbing dreams .. so .. needless to say .. I was grumpy yesterday morning .. haha .. so grumpy I snapped at the painter .. my husband .. and yes .. even the dog and cats .. as I left to go to the office I began to think a little clearer and decided I should run to Seaside to get the mail .. after doing so .. I sat on a bench watching the people go by for about 30 minutes .. pretty much in a daze .. haha .. after sitting so long .. and .. people beginning to think I was homeless .. I thought I’d make the trek on to the office .. after all .. I did have a huge problem to figure out how to solve and really needed to sit at my desk .. to think .. haha .. oh but .. as I got to Grayton Corner and made that turn .. I kept going .. haha .. I couldn’t bring myself to face my girls .. strictly because .. I really didn’t want to snap at them too .. haha .. so I went to the Farm Stand .. sat peacefully in front of a window .. while Rene took care of me .. a nice strong cup of coffee .. veggie omelet .. and .. some of her own sausage was just what the Doc ordered .. ahh yes .. the comfort of a good breakfast with good people .. that’s just what I needed to really be able to face this day .. as I sat there .. I thought about my grumpiness .. and .. the realization of my own selfishness .. I knew at some point I was going to have to call the painter and apologize .. face my husband .. dog .. and yes .. the cats .. to do the same .. haha .. I also thought about what led me to this grumpiness .. and decided .. to counter it with the truth .. haha .. and yes .. I found that truth in God’s Word .. haha .. for friends .. truth is always more powerful than error .. and .. the main problem with grumpiness .. is simply .. at times .. it’s very difficult to reason ourselves out of it .. but .. the truth is .. in our bad moods .. we must act contrary to the way we actually feel .. haha .. when we feel grumpy .. it’s simply time to act in truthful and joyful ways .. while trusting that our feelings will follow our actions .. haha .. we can do this by simply meditating on what is true .. and yes .. we can sing .. haha .. for friends .. truth and music .. it’s a powerful combination .. so powerful .. it can easily turn our heart in a whole new direction .. so .. we sing .. we sing of what is true .. while moving forward .. haha .. bottom line .. grumpiness is like any other shortcoming .. it’s an issue of the heart .. and yes .. we always seem to want to deal with the symptom .. rather than the root .. and friends .. the best and most effective way to beat that bad mood .. it simply to always .. go to the heart .. and yes .. haha .. deal with that root .. for .. like me .. after sitting and doing this .. I found .. in a short amount of time .. I was able to seize the day .. the people .. and .. the problem at hand .. with a cool calm and collected mind .. while facing the problem and handling it .. simply .. with love and grace .. while .. singing my heart out .. all the way through .. haha .. again and again and again .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Sing to Him .. sing praises to Him .. tell of all His wondrous works!”

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