My mother was a very strong and independent women .. as her mother before her ..  they both grew up in downtown Pensacola in a time when you had to be tough .. or simply go home .. haha .. I used to laugh at how independent and stubborn they were  .. only to find myself the same exact way .. but the truth is .. we need to think for ourselves .. and yes .. although it may seem easy at first to go along with the crowd .. haha .. friends .. I’m here to tell you .. it’s not easy at all .. no .. for it can and will lead us down all the wrong roads  if we’re not careful .. and trust me ..  we can find those roads all on our own with little or no help from the outside world  .. haha .. no friends .. God has given us a good mind and we need to use it .. we need to be independent thinkers who choose simple values over schooled arguments .. we need to choose the company in which we keep .. and yes .. spend our energies on what’s really important to us .. for yes sweet friends .. ignorance can be costly .. so .. we simply educate ourselves on the issues surrounding us so that we can have a knowledgeable opinion .. haha .. and yes .. make wiser decisions .. for  it’s true .. “our lives are what our thoughts make it” ..  and friends .. we can choose only those things that inform and contribute to the higher quality of life He wants for each of us .. for  yes yes yes .. we are a strong people who believe .. that yes oh yes  .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Finally .. brothers .. whatever is true .. whatever is honorable .. whatever is just .. whatever is pure .. whatever is lovely .. whatever is commendable .. if there is any excellence .. if there is anything worthy of praise .. think about these things”


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