I think we can agree .. that yes .. all of us at some point in time .. haha .. wished we could just start over .. you know .. that longing for another chance in some area of our life .. and no .. maybe not so much that we would have done it differently .. maybe we would have done just a little bit more .. or yes .. haha .. a little bit less  .. however ..  with all the wishing in the world .. we can’t go back .. no .. we can only move forward into the unseen .. for yes .. to sit in sorrow will only lead us to misery .. so yes .. we stay mindful of the fact  .. that although .. regret that leads to change is a dear friend .. it’s the regret that leads to shame that is our treacherous enemy .. so yes .. with knowing this truth .. we simply can never allow regret to rob us of our joy .. for yes .. the truth is .. “there’s no guarantee that if we had done a part of our lives any differently things would have ended up any different”  .. so yes .. with this truth to hold on to .. we know that we know that we know ..  Our God who directs the universe and outcome of all things .. will do what need to be done .. and yes .. He’ll do it in spite of us when necessary .. haha .. so yes .. into the day we go .. full of His confidence .. His direction .. and yes .. His joy deep in our hearts .. for yes sweet friends .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

” Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding”


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