I’m sitting here this morning thinking about aging .. haha .. I’m headed into my 60th year soon .. and no .. by far that’s not old .. but yes .. it does have me thinking about the stages of life .. and yes .. how when we were young anything seemed possible .. and yes .. any goal we wanted to achieve seemed reachable .. however .. as life goes on .. and yes .. as we grow older and wiser we simply learn that we’re somewhat limited to what we can do .. haha .. for we now understand fully that only God has that unlimited power .. and that yes .. becoming the person He’s created us to be simply comes through accepting our weaknesses as well as developing our strengths .. for the truth is .. by accepting the limitations of our human life we’re actually acting out of trust in Him .. haha .. so .. instead of rebelling and resisting .. we can simply make life simpler by accepting the “is what it is” .. and yes .. working with it .. for friends .. I’ve personally found .. it’s through acceptance that we find the freedom to be willing and able to trust in Him who can and will take us beyond our limitations .. for yes .. we’re made strong and capable by His gracious hand for one reason and one reason only .. He loves us big .. and yes sweet friends .. haha .. that “is what it is” .. so yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Jesus looked at them and said .. “With man this is impossible .. but not with God .. all things are possible with God”

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