Life is constantly changing for us all .. and yes .. haha .. we better pay attention to what’s happening around us .. for simply .. haha .. God .. He’s going to place opportunities .. and yes .. He’s going to place lessons .. right out in front of us every single day to enjoy .. haha .. this morning Tina and I took a walk down to Broadway and then back over to Rockefeller Center where the NBC studios are located .. the weather is incredible in NYC right now .. we could not be blessed more in that aspect .. heck .. the truth is .. everything that’s happened since we’ve been here has been one blessing after another .. Tina .. she really wanted to get on camera and wave outside on the sidewalk of the Today Show .. where tomorrow .. her cake cookies and bread will be displayed .. talked about .. and yes .. eaten .. haha .. as we stood there and I watched her wave .. her eyes shining with pure delight .. I have to tell you .. my heart became so full of love for my sweet friend .. along with .. an overwhelmingly gratefulness to God for His mercy and grace .. that’s simply allowed .. this little family .. who’s worked so hard with a pure labor of love .. to be blessed in this way .. haha .. yes yes yes .. He laid out this plan to a .. “T” .. to make all of this possible .. simply because .. of His great love for His people .. all of His people .. so .. yes friends .. we better pay attention .. and yes .. seize those opportunities .. soak up those lessons .. and above all .. share His incredible and unconditional love with those we meet along our way .. haha .. yes .. it’s a beautiful day in New York City .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above .. coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change”

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