Friends .. as I sit back this morning and look at my life thus far ..  I’m finding myself overwhelmed with much gratitude for every single thing around me .. and yes ..  for the many years that God has taken His time .. haha ..  to look after me .. and friends .. the fact that He does this .. is simply .. all because of His awesome eternal love for each of us  .. and yes  .. this love of His .. it’s amazing .. for no .. it’s not based on what we do or what we don’t do .. no way .. for friends .. it’s simply one of the precious gifts we’ve been given .. haha ..  imagine a love like His .. so totally unconditional … that no matter how many mistakes we make ..  and yes .. we make many ..  no matter how many times we let Him down .. as we all have and will do .. or no matter .. the times we’ve broken a promise to Him .. for yes .. many promises have been broken  ..  He still .. never ever gives up on us .. and friends .. this truth alone ..  should give us all .. amazing strength and confidence .. to simply .. graciously and boldly  .. stand strong in our faith .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Remember .. I am with you always .. to the end of the age.”


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