It’s a new day .. a wee bit cold .. but sure to be a beautiful one .. and friends .. we need to understand as we move through our day .. carrying our heavy load that we carry .. that simply .. God is with us .. that’s right ..  He’s seen what we’ve been through .. He’s seen every tear that we’ve shed .. He knows the disappointment and the heartache we feel .. and no friends  .. this is not the end .. for it’s a new day ..  it’s a new beginning .. and yes .. He wants us to know this simple truth  .. we’re not just going to come out of this barely surviving .. no way .. He’s going to bring us out “better off”  than we ever were before .. trust me I know ..  for yes .. He’s still on the throne .. He’s still in complete control .. and friends  .. He’s going to settle our case .. and all we have to do .. is get in agreement with Him .. for the truth is ..  we’ve all had unfair things that come against us .. we’ve all experienced bad breaks along the way ..  and yes .. what we need to remember .. is simply .. not only does He see it .. but He’s promises us .. that if we’ll just keep moving forward .. not allowing ourselves to become bitter .. He’ll settle our case .. and friends ..  the way He settles our case is not just to turn it around .. not just to make it right .. no way .. but to settle it like only He can do ..  again and again .. and yes .. again .. by simply ..  bringing us out “better off” than we ever were before .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Rejoice in hope .. be patient in tribulation .. be constant in prayer”


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