Friends .. when we open our eyes in the morning .. and yes .. roll over to get out of bed .. it’s right then and there .. that yes ..  we have a choice of how we want to start our day .. that’s right .. we can choose the right way .. or yes  .. we can choose the wrong way .. we can get up with a positive attitude full of praise to God .. or .. we can allow the enemy to immediately rob us of our joy .. filling us with doubt and fear .. while taking it right on into the day with us .. so yes .. haha .. when we wake up we have a choice .. and yes .. I totally understand that  we all have stuff  in our lives .. the good the bad and the ugly .. yet .. it’s how we look at our  “stuff”  along with the mindset we keep .. that yes .. makes us or breaks us .. for you see … God .. He waits for us to get up each morning .. longing to hear that good morning praise with our minds  solidly made up to follow Him into the day .. and yes .. the enemy is going to try to rial us up .. for after all .. it’s his job and he does it so well .. however .. he can’t rial us .. no way .. simply because .. we’ve started this day with our mind set on Jesus .. and friends .. with Him on our mind and deep in our heart .. those hard hits we may take .. they won’t shake us .. instead .. all we’ll feel is that “love tap” from Him letting us know .. that yes .. He has our back .. so no .. we don’t fear .. for there’s nothing to fear .. for yes .. the One who spoke the world into existence ..  He’s our Friend and He’s our Protector .. and yes ..  He loves us big .. so yes .. come on now  .. it’s an awesome day .. let’s do this .. for yes .. haha ..  oh yeah people .. love wins period

“In the morning .. LORD .. you hear my voice .. in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait expectantly”


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