Yesterday .. it was a good day .. but today .. it’s gonna be better .. haha .. simply because .. we’re gonna make it better .. that’s right .. so .. with that .. let’s move into this day .. filled with hope .. filled with promise .. and .. without a doubt .. filled with love in our hearts .. for the truth is .. our days are what we make of them .. and yes .. things come at us from every direction .. we get hit with this and that .. for we know .. the enemy will certainly do his part .. haha .. but friends .. what we know for sure and without question .. is simply .. God is good .. and .. everything He does is good and wonderful .. what He gives and offers us is much greater than anything anywhere .. haha .. so in knowing this truth .. our expectations for today .. should come directly from Him .. yes .. He wants to do something outrageously wonderful in our life .. not only today .. but .. every moment of every day .. for .. He tells us that straight up .. haha .. and .. He wants us to be ready for it .. and yes .. totally expect it to happen .. for friends .. He’s constantly looking and longing for us who are waiting for Him .. He wants to be good to us … and no .. we shouldn’t expect anything less .. I mean .. after all .. He is God .. and .. God is love .. so .. we grab hold of that love .. we trust that He’ll move today at the very moment we need Him .. for we know that we know that we know .. He’s working in our lives right at this very minute .. bottom line .. we’re all waiting on a breakthrough in some area of our lives .. and when we get that breakthrough .. it’ll simply be .. a result of what He’s been doing for a long time .. we may not see it or feel it .. but we can .. confidently move toward it .. so yes .. it’s a new day .. let’s get ourselves up .. hold our heads high .. for simply .. we are His children .. and yes .. we are a blessed bunch of people .. and friends .. we need to act accordingly .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him .. to the one who seeks Him”


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