There is nothing complicated about discovering God’s will for our lives .. so ..  in knowing this truth  .. we can simply free our minds from the burden of worrying  .. whether or not .. we  are  aligning our decisions with His will ..  yes .. when we realize .. that knowing His will is fairly simple .. and .. it isn’t about figuring out every detail about every circumstance ..  you know .. like .. what job we should pursue .. or .. where you should live .. no .. instead .. His will is simply about .. us .. giving our best effort in loving Him .. and .. in loving other people .. in spite of and not because of ..  in any situation ..  for friends ..  the simple recognition ..  that He has given us the freedom .. to make our own decisions .. as long as .. we follow the basic principle of His will .. which is simply .. to choose .. the most loving course of action while trusting Him .. no friends  .. we can’t ever worry that the poor decisions we’ve made in the past … may have caused us to miss out on His will for us today  .. simply because  .. haha  ..  we can always .. get back in line .. and .. right back on track .. simple by  ..  trusting Him to redeem our mistakes .. then .. try as we might ..  to make loving decisions moving forward .. yes .. we choose to be grateful for all the good He constantly pours into our lives .. for .. the more we choose gratitude .. the less power our pain from the past will have over us .. and then  .. we find .. we’re able to move right past .. our fear of the unknown .. and ..  right in .. to a hopeful future .. simply by .. asking Him .. to renew our minds each day .. for .. by doing this  .. we’ll be able to approach any situation we face .. from a faithful perspective .. for simply .. when we focus on His love .. fear gets driven out .. and .. hope moves right in .. and friends ..  faith .. hope .. and .. love ..  is simply ..  what must drive our daily commute .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period

“Three things will last forever .. faith .. hope .. and ..  love .. and the greatest of these is love”


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