“Life is change .. growth is optional” .. haha .. so much meaning to this phrase .. fortunately .. I learned to adapt to change early on in life .. there was a lot of that going on around me growing up .. coming and going .. I’ve dealt with the good .. the bad .. and yes .. the downright ugly .. so yes .. after many years of growth .. haha .. from the many changes life has thrown my way .. I can see much clearer than ever before .. for friends .. the truth is .. life .. it’s going to deal us hand after hand .. it’s going to be constantly changing .. and yes .. we will in fact .. constantly have the opportunity to grow from it .. or not .. haha .. the best way to accept .. and yes .. adapt to this change .. is simply to give it to God .. that’s right .. when we feel the pressure is more than we can bare .. we holler for Him .. haha .. for it’s ok .. He’s used to us .. when we try and try and try to do what is right .. with road block after road block .. we holler for Him .. haha .. for it’s ok .. He’s used to us .. when we’re disappointed and disheartened .. we holler for Him .. haha .. for yes again .. it’s ok .. He’s used to us .. yes friends .. this is the beauty we find in Him .. and yes .. only in Him .. for the truth is .. when everything around us is changing .. when life overwhelms us and we feel we have nowhere to turn .. with no one to help us .. we just holler for Him .. and yes .. it’s ok .. He’s used to us .. for simply .. there’s nothing .. absolutely nothing .. that can change Him or His love for us .. He’s our Protector .. our Deliverer .. and yes .. our Faithful Friend .. and yes .. He is and always will be the same .. yesterday .. today .. and forever .. haha .. so .. as we move through out days and we face those giants .. as well as .. those beautiful triumphs along the way .. we can’t let a day go by without hollering for Him .. haha .. for yes .. He’s used to us .. and yes .. He’s there waiting to hear our holler .. haha .. every single time .. for yes sweet friends .. it’s in Him .. we’ll always and forever find .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“But if I were you .. I would appeal to God .. I would lay my cause before Him”



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