Wow .. what a week we’ve had in our little part of the world .. haha ..  we’ve gotten a new puppy .. (thank you Laurie) .. “Rudy Joe” is his name .. and yes .. he is stinkin’ cute .. I forgot how much fun little ones like this are .. haha .. we’ve also been working hard at the Hibiscus Cafe by Grayton Beach Catering to put together the perfect fit team ..  which we feel we have .. and yes .. we’ve started working on scheduling weekend and Sunday music/events for the upcoming fall season .. and yes .. we’re bringing back Sunday Brunch w/music and mimosa’s along with giving part of the proceeds to benefit a different local charity each week  .. Labor Day weekend is our kick off and Food for Thought is our first charity to join us .. like old times .. yet .. it’s a new day  .. haha .. a new day to love those who cross our path .. which has me thinking about feeling loved  .. and yes .. just how it helps to take comfort in God when circumstances confuse or upset us .. for the truth is .. the enemy can make us feel abandoned .. ignored .. or yes .. even that God’s love is being withheld .. but friends .. we cannot .. now will not .. let this cause us to not use our steadfast minds .. for yes .. His love can be found in ways we don’t even recognize .. so yes .. we pray for a clearer sense of what it means to be loved by Him .. for yes  ..  He loves us in various ways with different results .. so .. haha ..  sometime we have to brainstorm for examples of learning to trust .. and yes .. love Him through the trials and tribulations .. for friends .. His perfect love is unconditional .. and no .. it doesn’t matter whether we love Him or not .. for yes ..  He loves us simply because of who He is .. rather than because of who we are .. for yes yes yes .. He is Love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us .. God is love .. and whoever abides in love abides in God .. and God abides in him”


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