Friends .. life’s not always filled with sunshine and roses .. I’d love nothing more than to be able to tell you that it is .. however .. there’ll be times when we’re going to experience pain .. and yes .. pain so strong it penetrates our heart .. if only our clocks would stop long enough for us to frolic in the moment .. and yes .. be thankful .. haha .. for then .. it would always be easy to maintain our joy .. but friends .. it usually doesn’t work that way .. nope .. so .. in simply knowing this .. we must be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep that joy .. haha .. and yes .. we can do it .. for .. it’s when we can learn to rest in God .. that He’ll give us peace in even the bleakest of situations .. as well as .. take our good days and make them even better .. so .. we simply lay down our trials at His feet .. and yes .. we thank Him .. haha .. that’s right .. for friends .. we’re focusing on today .. this new day .. we don’t have time to get bogged down by the guilt of yesterday .. the fears of tomorrow .. or even .. our current situation .. oh I know .. haha .. it can be overwhelming .. defeating .. and yes .. a pure kill joy .. however .. haha .. what we must remember is simply .. we’re only responsible to live for today .. for simply .. that’s what we’ve been given at this moment .. haha .. so .. we simply .. count our blessings as often as necessary .. for yes .. even in the darkest of dark times .. we’ll always find .. there’s always something to be thankful for .. and then .. haha .. we focus on the positive .. and yes .. we choose to thank Him .. rather to wallow in our own self pity .. haha .. for friends .. when we don’t crowd our days with stuff .. and .. we pray specifically for what He has for us .. we’ll find .. we’re now working on quality .. not just quantity .. and we’re now able to stop .. to breathe .. to take the time to enjoy our family .. and .. to laugh … haha .. as well as .. to love .. yes .. to love without reservation .. forgiving past faults .. and doing things .. just for fun .. without constantly thinking of everything else we have to do .. for friends .. haha .. we’re now enjoying the moment .. and yes .. the blessings that this precious time brings .. for .. we’re now .. truly learning to live as He’s designed us all to live .. one day at a time .. which in turn .. keeps us singing .. yes .. all day long .. “I’ve got that joy joy joy joy .. down in my heart ..down in my heart to stay” .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“This is the day the LORD has made .. let us rejoice and be glad in it”