We’re all watching Irma .. we’re preparing for the worst .. making our plans .. checking our lists .. we feel like we are accomplishing what we need to accomplish to be as safe as possible .. and yes .. this is all good .. however .. as I’m thinking of accomplishing our tasks .. and yes .. the satisfaction and sense of peace it brings .. my mind keeps going to joy .. and yes .. how nothing is really more rewarding than experiencing a deeper sense of joy .. and yes .. the fact that we’re truly able .. by the grace of God .. to discern what will actually bring us closer to that state of being .. haha .. and yes .. what will take us further away .. is yes .. ¬†totally amazing in itself .. for the truth is .. He is our joy .. and yes .. our reality of this sense of joy we carry .. is yes .. ¬†only as good .. haha .. or yes .. as bad as we choose to see it .. so yes .. we choose joy above all .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“These things I have spoken to you .. that My joy may be in you .. and that your joy may be full”


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