Most all of us have to work .. we have families to take care of .. children to feed .. and .. houses to keep up .. without work .. we’d be in big trouble .. for our family .. owning and operating our real estate company as well as our catering and event planning business .. we stay busy .. woo hoo .. and yes .. we’re so grateful for the business .. we work hard and we give of ourselves to the fullest .. we surround ourselves with awesome people .. and yes .. at times .. it can ware on all of us .. on the front end .. haha .. where I sit .. this time of year .. the phones are ringing .. the invoices are being checked and double checked for accuracy .. the schematics are being printed .. we’re doing our part on our end .. simply .. to make it smooth on the back end .. where these details .. will make it or break it .. haha .. yes .. detail .. detail .. detail .. paying attention to the needs of our clients and giving them .. what they paid for .. and more .. that’s what we try to do on every job .. and yes .. we do it with joy .. haha .. for the truth is .. we know .. work is good for us .. and we know .. it’s not a punishment .. it’s been in place since before the fall of man .. haha .. yes friends .. work for all of us .. is simply .. a gift .. and .. it’s simply .. our mindset that’s the key to gaining joy from it .. no matter what we’re doing .. personally .. I’ve worked some rough jobs and for some hard people in my life .. but .. praise God .. I’ve most always been able to keep a joyful mindset .. regardless of the setting .. for friends .. bottom line .. it’s when we accept our work as our ministry .. that God uses it as a stage to help us grow spiritually .. and yes .. spiritual growth .. is a wonderful thing .. something we all need .. haha .. so friends .. today .. as we go out to our daily jobs .. let’s simply .. do all we can .. to hone our skills and be the best at whatever it is we do .. while simply .. uncovering the joy in it .. for the truth is .. if we have haven’t found it .. it’s usually just a quick attitude adjustment away .. and friends .. if we can’t discover it .. then we need to create it .. haha .. that’s right .. for yes .. in everything we do .. we need to work as if .. God is our boss .. haha .. for in reality .. He always is and always will be .. that’s right .. our work .. whatever it may be .. truly does carry eternal significance .. when we do it for His glory .. so .. come on now .. let’s get on up .. get our joy on .. and simply .. get His work done .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Whatever you do .. work at it with all your heart .. as working for the Lord .. not for human masters”

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