Often .. we’re led to believe that our gut instincts are the right ones .. whether they’re something from God .. or .. haha .. just our own feelings of a situation based upon what we can see .. yes .. these gut instincts .. they do .. in fact .. serve us well at times .. but friends .. they can also lead us to some very foolish conclusions .. and yes .. we better be aware of this .. and simply .. use caution when facing any situation presented .. that’s right .. just as we should test things against His Word .. we should also .. test things in everyday life before we commit to a decision .. we should never make a decision based solely .. on what one person says .. no way .. for the truth is .. every story seems right .. haha .. til we hear the other side .. oh yes .. there’s going to be times when we listen to a story from someone we know and love .. and then .. before we know it .. we find ourselves mad and totally outraged at the injustice of the situation of the wrongs committed against them .. haha .. we’re so mad toward that wrong doer our friend has described .. that we may even act on it .. stupidly .. haha .. and then .. how foolish we feel .. when we discover .. the true facts .. haha .. for the bottom line .. every story .. simply has .. two sides .. and friends .. we simply .. can never allow ourselves to act one sided .. for .. we live in a world where people love to talk about people .. and in knowing this .. we should be very careful never to form conclusions based on words .. no .. we should treat everyone with a “Jesus” kind of love .. haha .. yes .. without penalty and totally without judgement .. yes .. there will be times when we must draw a conclusion .. but .. we must also .. make sure we know every fact possible .. and then .. pray for the wisdom in what action to take .. for friends .. when a person’s wrongdoing is found out .. we can’t judge them .. regardless of who they are .. for we know .. we’re all human and we’ve all done wrong .. simple truth .. and yes .. it’s heartbreaking to see just how unforgiving at times people can be toward one another .. oh yes .. we forgive our own mistakes .. yet .. we continue to hold the mistakes of other.. totally against them .. man oh man .. that’s messed up people .. and no .. this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold each other accountable for our wrongdoings .. but friends .. we should never be judgmental .. no way .. we should only correct .. out of love .. without bias .. and .. without showing partiality .. while .. not getting involved with the story tellers and the gossips .. yet .. haha .. at the same time .. remaining gracious and wise .. haha .. yes friends .. we should take what we hear with a grain of salt .. and simply .. test it against His Word .. never ever letting it affect the way we treat others .. which in turn .. allows us to make wise decisions .. rather than ones based on emotion .. for we all know .. emotions .. they can take us places .. we simply .. don’t need to go .. haha .. we must always and forever .. love like we want and need to be loved .. always and forever .. in spite of .. and never .. because of .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“The one who states his case first seems right .. until the other comes and examines him”

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