Friends .. the best thing we can do for ourselves .. and yes .. for those around us .. is simply .. haha .. to be ourselves .. that’s right .. the good the bad and the ugly .. we all have that mixed bag inside of us .. and yes .. God loves us all the same .. think about it .. He must love variety .. or else .. He wouldn’t have made us all so differently .. haha .. and yes .. that’s why it’s so important not to ever compare ourselves with other people .. for simply .. we’ll never succeed at being ourselves .. haha .. if we’re constantly trying to be like someone else .. oh yes .. other people can be a good example for us .. but trying to duplicate even their good traits .. will totally be revealed differently through our own individual personalities .. haha .. yes friends .. we need to focus on our own potentials rather than our limitations .. we need to find something we like to do .. and yes .. something we do well .. and yes .. do it .. haha .. over and over again .. for simply .. when we try to do something we’re not good at .. it only causes frustration .. and yes .. makes us feel defeated .. and yes .. unsuccessful .. so .. yes yes yes .. we need to have the courage to be ourselves .. and .. haha .. deal with the criticism that may come along with it .. for simply .. we need to be a God pleaser .. not a people please .. oh yes .. we’ll be different .. and yes .. we can expect some criticism .. but friends .. going along with the crowd when we know that we know that we know .. He’s leading us a different way .. is simply .. one reason we fail at being ourselves .. for no .. we never like ourselves much when we’re going against our own beliefs .. bottom line .. we can’t let the way another person treats us determine our worth .. we must keep our flaws in perspective .. for the truth is .. those with a mile high confidence have just as many weaknesses as those that do not .. the difference .. they concentrate on their strengths rather than their flaws or weaknesses .. haha .. yes friends .. we must love ourselves the way we are .. while striving daily to become a little bit better .. while totally staying mindful of this fact .. we’re all made in His image .. and that sweet friends .. makes us all a huge success .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“But the Lord said to Samuel .. “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature .. because I have rejected him .. for the Lord sees not as man sees .. man looks on the outward appearance .. but the Lord looks on the heart”

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