Faith is simply .. stepping out and doing what God has asked us to do .. when we can’t see what will happen in the end .. haha .. sounds risky .. haha .. it is .. for simply .. everything we do in life has some sort of risk .. no .. we have no idea of what He’s going to do in the end .. but .. what we do know .. He’s asking us to step out in faith .. and .. just do it .. haha .. for friends .. Jesus told us plainly .. that one of the greatest mistakes we can make in life .. is to play it safe .. there are so many times .. where we’ve come to the edge .. not sure of where we’re headed .. for … the truth is .. we all have decisions to make .. whether they be .. in business .. relationship wise .. or .. in simply .. trusting Him more .. and friends .. it can be scary .. for .. we’re faced with taking that “leap” of faith .. and .. we want to make sure it’s what He’s telling us to do .. so .. we simply use the old stand by .. haha .. yes .. the eighty slash twenty rule .. haha .. I personally learned of this many years ago .. and yes .. I use it faithfully .. you see .. if we do eighty percent of His will that is clearly written in His Word .. He’ll absolutely show us the twenty percent that’s not clear .. haha .. in other words .. when we do our part .. you know .. loving our neighbor .. spending time with Him .. protecting the way we speak to people .. being kind in our relationships .. being patient .. and .. so on .. we’ve done our eighty .. and .. we can trust .. He’ll show us the rest .. friends .. there’s simply .. things in our life we need to do .. and .. we don’t have to be afraid .. no way .. we can take that “leap” .. haha .. for .. if we don’t .. we’ll get ourselves stuck in a rut .. and .. we’ll die inside .. and as we all know .. the only difference between a rut and a grave .. is the length .. haha .. so .. come on now .. let’s move forward in faith .. we can’t let our dreams go to the wayside .. nor .. let our hearts grow cold .. for .. if we allow this to happen .. we’ll only create more distant between Him and ourselves .. bottom line .. He’s not going to help us with step three .. four .. and .. five .. until we take step one .. so .. we take the risk .. for .. we trust Him with everything we have .. for in Him .. we’ll have the confidence .. to take that long awaited .. leap of faith .. and friends .. personally .. I can’t think of better day to make this happen .. than today .. Leap Day 2016 .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Be strong and very brave .. make sure you obey the whole law my servant Moses gave you.. do not turn away from it to the right or the left .. then you will have success everywhere you go”


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