Friends .. God plainly .. and yes .. simply .. tells us to not give up .. that’s right .. we’re to stay strong .. and yes .. we’re to be tough .. for the truth is .. we all have problems .. and .. we all need to keep them in perspective .. doing our best to always think about the big picture .. for when we do .. we’ll simply see .. our present problems are small when compared to some of we’ve already been through .. for .. it’s when we compare what we’re enduring now .. to what is lies ahead .. and yes .. keep our eyes on those “unseen” blessings on the road in front us .. that simply .. our hope is restored .. and .. our calm and peaceful demeanor returns .. for friends .. it’s when we constantly stay mindful of this fact .. we’ll find .. our problems can either take us down .. haha .. or .. they can build us up .. bottom line .. whatever way we go is our own decision .. for the truth is .. when problems are handled in the right way .. our faith is strengthened .. and in turn .. shows those around us .. His awesome and mighty power .. while simply .. bringing glory to His awesome and mighty name .. haha .. that’s right friends .. it’s always our very own choice to make .. haha .. so .. in knowing this truth .. we simply .. today and tomorrow .. and yes .. all the days to follow .. “keep things in perspective “.. trusting wholeheartedly .. He has our backs .. and yes .. He remains the same .. yesterday .. today .. and .. forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen .. but on what is unseen .. for what is seen is temporary .. but what is unseen is eternal”

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