I sprained my ankle Saturday night on the way to The Smoking Flowers Show at Trebeache’ Music Venue ..  Carla and I stopped at La Playa for a minute and as I got out of the car to walk around to the seating area .. I took a fall .. the gravel had washed away and that three inch step down .. haha .. came at a surprise ..  of course I didn’t stay down long because .. well .. you just learn with time .. you can’t stay down long ..  haha .. an yes .. by the time I got to the table I had an ostrich egg on my ankle .. Carla and I laughed as she said .. “guess you got that over with” ..  haha ..  within seconds I was standing up looking her in the face .. well about four of her faces .. telling her that something was wrong with me ..  haha .. and that was it .. I fainted .. got revived .. then fainted again .. all I could hear on her end was.  “call 911” .. and with all I could muster within I said ..  “don’t call 911!” ..  I knew I wasn’t having a major heart attach or stroke .. so anything less would surely pass .. haha .. and it did .. within ten minutes I was back to normal .. in the car .. on the way to Trebeache .. for you know .. “the show must go on” .. haha ..  and it did ..  after we got there .. iced my ankle down and had a bite to eat .. we were back to our silly selves .. and yes .. having a grand time .. the show was incredible .. so much talent in those two souls .. along with a group of fun people around us .. simply made  for an awesome night .. for those of you that missed it all I can say is .. “I’m sorry ” .. and .. ” you shouldn’t let that happen again” ..  as I sit thinking this morning about the whole situation ..  I have to thank God .. for simply friends ..  He makes us strong .. not only our bones and abilities .. but .. He makes us strong in our thinking ..  sure .. I could have laid there .. called 911 .. spent hours in the ER .. only to find I had fainted from the shear shock of my ankle being turned in the opposite direction it’s suppose to turn .. and no .. I’m not saying if you’re hurt bad enough you shouldn’t go that route .. however .. in my mind while all this was going on ..  I simply said His name .. and with that .. my thinking became crystal clear .. for the truth is .. in all situations we encounter .. He will lead us .. guide us .. and yes .. protect us .. haha .. even from ourselves ..  trust is the key .. and perseverance is the action .. we have to keep moving ..  we have to move through all the hurts and sprains that life throws our way ..  with simple faith .. full of hope .. and yes .. with assurance in the things that we simple do not see .. for friends  .. He’s a good God .. and yes .. He’s a good friend .. and yes .. He makes our heart full .. so with that ..  as my foot is up and my ankle is wrapped in ice .. haha .. it’s Monday people .. let’s do this .. let’s get out .. grab hold of His promises ..  and yes yes yes ..  have a glorious week ..  haha .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“But he said to me ..  “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses .. so that Christ’s power may rest on me”







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