.. “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success” ..

 haha ..  perseverance ..  it can make a positive change in each of us  ..  for friends .. it’s simply ..  not what we do .. but .. the very nature of who we are .. that’s right .. for the truth is ..  at the very first sign of trouble .. we have a choice .. we can whine and we complain about the injustice .. or .. we can simply ..  decide to to stay the course .. we can complain to anyone and everyone who’ll listen .. or  .. we can dig our heels in and “steady” ourselves for the journey .. haha .. for  you see .. to successfully navigate our situation .. we must grab hold of God’s promises ..  we must step out in faith ..  and then .. simply .. embrace the process as an opportunity for growth .. haha .. no .. there’s not one of us who like to go through difficulties .. but friends .. the truth is …  we often find .. through adversity .. our characters are revealed .. and yes .. our spirits are energized .. bottom line .. perseverance makes us strong .. and .. we all want to be strong .. haha .. so .. come on now .. let’s simply .. take it as it comes .. and yes .. keep on keepin’ on .. haha .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“Be joyful in hope .. patient in affliction .. faithful in prayer”


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