Growing up my mom had a friend .. her name was .. ‘Mary Lou Hall’ ..  haha ..  she was funny ..  and yes .. we’d visit her quite often .. she lived on the corner of Blount and W St ..  her husband .. ‘Curtis Hall’ ..  he played the slide guitar in a band that performed at the local VFW .. haha ..   I can see their house clear as a bell in my mind .. there was a swing set in the back yard with a couple of missing swings .. and of course .. I always wanted to spin on the bar .. where the swings were missing  .. haha ..  I can remember one day .. spinning and spinning .. and then .. my hands let loose .. and yes  .. I fell flat on my back .. woo! .. that knocked the breath right out of me .. haha .. but .. I got up .. and yes .. I kept moving .. right on to the trail behind her house to pick wild blackberries .. haha .. she had a long porch across the front of her house .. she made the best sweet tea in all Northwest Florida .. haha .. she’d bring us a big glass of that sweet tea .. along with white bread sprinkled with powdered kool aid .. and friends ..  oh how we loved it .. as we sat there we’d one by one jump up and sing a song .. loud .. for all to hear .. at that time .. my favorite to sing .. and yes .. perform  .. was Nancy Sinatra’s .. “These Boots are Made for Walkin!”  .. mid sixties it was .. with white go go boots and all .. I’d sing .. loud .. haha .. yes friends .. those are some of the better memories of life .. haha .. we all have them .. and yes .. they’re wonderful to be able to reflect on .. they’re simply a gift from God .. oh .. there was meanness then .. not so much as today .. or maybe .. we just didn’t notice it as much .. I don’t know .. but what I do know .. friends .. no matter what happens in life .. we have hope on our side .. that’s right .. so .. with that  .. in the middle of all the sorrows and trials around us .. we can take heart .. and yes .. we can have peace .. no .. not because things are easy .. but simply .. because the hard things of this life are temporary .. for yes ..  our peace .. it’s not in the absence of strife or troubles .. but in Jesus ..  and yes ..  what He’s done to make our future sure ..  so yes .. when everything seems to be falling in around us .. when the walls seem to be closing in  ..  when nothing in our world .. or  .. in this world seems to hold any hope .. when everything looks completely hopeless .. we can simply trust .. haha .. that God .. is never caught by surprise .. He’ll save those who are His from calamity ..  He’s never going to abandon us .. forsake us .. or leave us .. and friends .. because we’re His .. we’ll always carry that hope .. and yes .. claim His mighty promises .. so please .. don’t despair .. for He’s with us  .. when we’re scared and we see the enemy roaring like a lion here there and everywhere .. we can go to that place back in time .. back to that porch .. grab a tall cold glass of sweet tea .. and yes sweet friends  .. sing as loud as we can .. haha .. “these boots are made for walking .. and that’s just what they’ll do .. and one of these days .. these boots are gonna walk all over you” .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Because he loves me” .. says the LORD .. “I will rescue him .. I will protect him .. for he acknowledges My name .. he will call on me .. and I will answer him .. I will be with him in trouble .. I will deliver him and honor him .. with long life I will satisfy him and show him My salvation.”



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