I’ve experienced and done many things in my life .. and yes .. haha .. some of what I’ve experienced and some of what I’ve done .. no one should have to experience nor should have to do .. however .. because of the place and state of mind I was in at the time .. I made the choice to go through .. and yes .. do all of those things that I shouldn’t have had to do .. haha .. for the truth is .. “hurt people hurt people” .. and through my doing .. I hurt a lot of people .. oh yes .. when I finally came to “reality” and realized where this had and was taking me .. I could have easily given up .. however .. that choice was simply not acceptable to me .. so .. I kept moving forward .. haha .. for friends .. as we travel through life .. through our ups and downs .. through our hurts and disappointments .. and yes .. even through our joys and our blessings we need to remember One thing .. God has us in the palm of His hand .. He’s directing our every step .. haha .. when we let Him .. and yes .. even though those hurts and disappointments may not have been fair .. trust me when I tell you .. it’s all a part of our destiny .. and yes .. if we’ll let it go and move forward with our head’s held high .. before we know it we’ll find ourselves coming into that awesome place .. where He’s been patiently waiting all along to do something crazy good for us .. haha .. and no sweet friends .. it won’t be the ordinary like we planned .. no way .. it will be the extraordinary like He’s had planned .. and yes .. we’ll have front row seats to the most awesome show we’ll ever know .. haha .. bottom line .. our past does not define who we are .. so .. we let go and break that cycle of destruction .. for truly .. that’s all it is .. and no matter what the enemy may tell us in our mind .. we’re far more valuable to God .. so .. when he so boldly reminds us of our past .. haha .. we more than boldly .. remind him of his future .. haha .. for yes sweet friends .. we know that we know that we know .. again and again .. without question or doubt .. that yes! .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Fear not .. for I am with you .. be not dismayed .. for I am your God .. I will strengthen you .. I will help you .. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”


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