Yes friends .. again and again and again .. I find myself totally inspired to write about love .. haha .. you know .. that feel good feeling we’ve all experienced .. for today .. it’s a special day .. our granddaughter Gracyn turns four years old .. haha .. and to top it off .. “Pop Bob” and I are also celebrating our 18th Anniversary .. oh yes .. LOVE .. it’s so big .. and yes .. it can be so powerful at times that we actually feel overcome by it .. as if it’s engulfing our very being .. filling us so full that we can hardly contain it .. haha .. that’s how I feel right this very moment .. just thinking about the life I’ve been so graciously given .. for yes .. I’m head over heels in love with my family .. and yes .. it goes without saying .. I love God .. for friends .. He’s so gracious and merciful .. and His love .. it’s the purest form of love .. it’s consistent .. and no .. it’s not based on a single thing we’ve done or will do .. it’s unconditionally overwhelming .. haha .. think about it .. the simple fact that He loves us in spite of ourselves .. haha .. is incredible in itself .. for personally .. I’ve never been loved so wholeheartedly in my life .. and friends .. I don’t think any one of us ever have or ever will be .. for you see .. He’s fallen head over heels in love with you and I .. haha .. not only does He love us with His extreme love .. it’s also an everlasting love .. that’s right .. we get His best .. we get His commitment .. and yes .. we get His passion .. for the truth is .. we’re truly able to love others .. “full on” .. simply because He Himself .. haha .. loved us first .. and yes .. I know it’s hard to comprehend .. but friends .. it’s real .. for you and I .. we only experience love .. but Our God .. He is love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“We love because He first loved us”


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