Wow .. I can’t believe I slept til daylight today .. haha .. haven’t done this in a while .. guess I must have needed it  ..  the truth is ..  my friend Shannon and I went over to Pensacola to a huge church last night to catch a comedy show with Chonda Pierce .. not sure if any of you know her so I attached a clip of “funny” for you to enjoy ..  this lady is known as the “Queen of Clean”  and ..  I’m here to say .. she is one funny soul ..  we had so much fun .. haha .. we started the night at the IHOP ..  we figured we grab a quick bite close to the church and this is where it was ..  we walked in and several tables were fulled with cackling women .. and we knew .. they must be going the same place we were ..  laughing ..  we enjoyed our meal and headed to the church .. haha .. well our first “ride by” showed acres of parking .. when we got there the second time around .. no parking to be found .. haha  .. so .. it great southern style .. Shannon hopped the curb in her big ol’ Escalade and there we had it .. instant parking with a close walk to the front door ..  it’s not our style to cram ourselves into a pew where there’s no escape  .. so .. we sat at the top on the back row .. for the grandest view of all ..  we laughed .. we cried .. we laughed .. and then .. we got our of there before the rest of the tribe of women made the mass exit ..  we’re no dummies .. we know how to get in and get out .. we got “experience” ..  haha ..  as we traveled home we talked about so many things ..  you see Shannon and I have been friends for 30 years or so .. we know each other pretty well .. and .. we share a bond of trust ..  yes .. she knows most of my deep dark secrets as I do hers ..  we speak to each other with words .. and .. in silence .. it’s an awesome relationship .. recently re birthed .. and ..  today ..  my heart is full for it .. and I sit here this morning ..  thinking back on the night .. the talk .. the laughter .. the friendship .. I realize I’ve really never thought too deep .. on the difference  .. between faith and trust ..  for we know  ..  faith is a strong belief in someone or something  .. without logical proof ..  but trust ..  it’s a firm reliance .. of the character or integrity of another ..  we’ve developed a faith in God ..  we believe He is able .. and now .. He’s trying with all His might to teach us .. well me anyway .. haha ..  to totally and completely rely on him .. it’s hard to do .. oh yes ..  we say we trust Him  .. but .. we don’t always do so .. no .. we’re fixers .. and .. fixers fix .. haha .. but friends ..  it’s when our world is rocked .. and .. promises we’ve been holding on to have failed us ..  that we simply need to understand .. and .. stand on .. His promise .. for .. at one point last night .. when I was thinking in silence .. I realized .. simply .. I’ve been leaning on my own understanding in some areas .. for way too long .. for yes .. to fully trust God with all our heart ..  we have to  .. be willing to lean into Him .. when life no longer makes sense ..we have to be willing to trust Him .. when life is spiraling out of control .. when everything of value has been stripped away ..  we simply .. have to learn to trust that He is still able when we’re not .. we have to trust that every single pain and trial becomes a “holy hammer”  .. haha ..  to mold us into His image ..  and .. as we  walk daily through the fire ..  we can see how much work He still has to do in our life .. how much growth we have left in the areas of .. faith and trust .. oh yes ..  we want to be fully devoted to Him ..  we want to live our  lives in a way .. that takes full advantage of all the goodness He offers .. for friends .. that life .. it’s ours .. even when circumstances are against us .. for .. it’s simply when .. we seek His face in every situation .. that He .. will show us what He has for us ..  haha .. yes sweet friends .. that’s the learning lesson of being content in any and all circumstances ..  haha .. yes .. learning to trust Him .. even when it seems dangerous .. for the bottom line .. we have no idea what He’s doing .. but .. we do know .. He sees the “big” picture .. He has ordained all of our days .. before we even took our first breath .. we are His masterpieces to do good works .. that He has already prepared .. us to do .. for simply .. He can do anything .. and friends .. nothing He does can be prevented ..  and .. even though we can’t fully understand His ways ..  even though ..  we can’t grasp what He is doing behind the scenes ..  we  know that we know that we know .. He’s taking everything and weaving it .. into a beautiful mosaic for our good .. for He is  ..  our all seeing .. all knowing .. Father who love us .. “big”  .. therefore .. trusting Him .. should never be an issue .. so today .. sweet friends .. the tired fight is over .. for today ..  we can choose to simple trust ..  for .. this is ..  simple truth ..  oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”


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