God wants us to laugh .. it’s His hope .. He wants us to laugh .. in season .. and .. out of season .. we are to laugh on high bright sunny days .. as well as on .. those dark gloomy days .. He wants us to laugh in the midst of extreme situations .. just like the days when everything is smooth sailing .. He wants us to laugh .. for as a Believer .. it is the perfect example of  His Joy and His Love .. it’s very clear from Scripture that He has mandated laughter  ..  it’s as if it were a duty .. look .. the book of Proverbs says about a good woman .. “she laughs at the time to come.” ..  then again it is written in Ecclesiastes  ..  “for everything there is a season and time for every matter under heaven .. a time to weep .. and .. a time to laugh” ..  oh .. let’s not forget Jesus ..  He straight out says  .. “Blessed are you who weep now .. for you shall laugh”  ..   the Truth is .. laughter makes us feel .. full .. filled .. satisfied .. and  .. content .. like all the cobwebs of life have been cleared from our minds .. oh and yes .. He so delights in that .. for after all .. He created that .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period



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