We’ll find the key to truly enjoying life .. when .. we learn to be satisfied and happy with ourselves .. that’s right .. when we discover that God has anointed us to be .. who we are .. it is then .. we are able to truly experience His joy .. for friends .. it’s been very liberating to finally discover .. I don’t have to be like someone else to be what He wants me to be .. for .. you see .. we are .. what He wants us to be .. faults and all .. for these are the things He uses to make us a “walking testimony” .. a testimony of His unchanging love .. for .. He has personally given each of us .. our very own .. gifts .. talents .. and .. abilities .. think about it .. there is no one else in the world exactly like us .. which simply means .. what is best for someone else .. is simply not .. what’s always best for us .. friends .. we can’t let the enemy rob us of our joy by thinking we are not worthy enough .. for we are all worthy .. and .. we are all called according to His purpose .. He knows our every move before we ever make it .. and .. He’ll use those moves .. good or bad .. if we let Him .. to bring Him glory .. so .. as we move into this new week ahead .. let’s be mindful .. to get out and share .. His awesome love .. while spreading His joy to those we meet .. and friends .. please .. please .. remember .. how important it is .. that we love people where they are .. that we lift them up .. wherever they are standing .. never .. ever .. turning them away .. for .. each one of them .. they need us .. to simply .. give of ourselves .. in spite of .. not because of .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.

“Most important of all .. continue to show deep love for each other .. for love covers a multitude of sins”



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