I’m gonna talk about love this morning .. haha .. I know .. I talk about it all the time .. you know .. how we need .. to love God .. love others .. and .. love ourselves .. haha .. the latter of the three being the most difficult .. but friends .. it’s Lent .. and .. my thinking is .. sure .. I’ll give something up .. for .. I love the meaning of the whole season .. but friends .. I want to add something too .. yes .. I really want to learn to love more .. that’s right .. I want to love like Jesus .. but .. the truth is .. in order to love .. period .. haha .. we need to understand and feel .. just how much He loves us .. for friends .. none of us .. really wants to be the one that just talks about it .. however .. the truth is .. in order for this to happen .. we must understand our real need .. and that sweet friends .. is to experience His love for us .. that’s right .. for .. it’s when we fully understand how much He loves us completely and unconditionally .. that we become secure in this truth .. without a doubt and simply .. we can’t make Him stop loving us .. no matter what we do .. and .. once we’re secure inside His unconditional love .. we’ll find ourselves .. easily and lovingly .. beginning to cut people slack .. we’ll find ourselves .. not being so angry at the drop of a hat .. we’ll find ourselves .. more patient .. more forgiving .. and .. more kind .. and .. not only that .. we’ll find ourselves to be .. more merciful while showing each other grace .. for .. the bottom line .. we can’t give to others what we have not allowed ourselves to receive .. so .. as we grasp His great love for us each day .. we’ll then .. be able to let Him dig down deep .. and .. heal our heart .. for .. it it then .. His love will freely flow through us .. for .. the truth is .. without fully trusting in His love .. we’ll never be able to truly love others .. so .. as we give up our fried chicken .. cell phones at the table .. and .. chocolate cake for Lent .. let’s add to the sacrifice .. let’s consciously each day .. soak up and receive .. His grace .. His forgiveness .. and .. His love .. and friends .. let’s do it for one simply reason .. so we can show it to others .. for .. that is .. His bottom line .. loving Him and loving each other .. for yes .. it’s the perfect way to roll .. if we want to experience .. His perfect peace .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you .. and that your joy may be made full .. This is My commandment .. that you love one another .. just as I have loved you”

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