Life .. a constant state of change .. it keeps moving no matter what we do .. and worrying .. haha .. it’s just our mind’s silly way of pretending as if it’s in control .. and friends .. it’s not .. oh yes .. it thinks it’s steering the ship .. but again .. it’s not .. haha .. so .. it’s when we truly understand .. that no .. life is not controllable .. we can then allow ourselves to let go of the need to resist or to worry .. we can actually let life happen without a fight knowing full well .. haha .. that God will give us the resources to deal with any situation that comes our way .. for He knows what’s ahead for each of us .. and yes .. He’s already there .. and in knowing this simple truth .. we can give up the control .. haha .. that control in which we don’t have anyway .. and yes .. we can stop worrying .. for simply .. the more we allow ourselves to understand this truth .. the more our minds will relax .. and yes .. we’ll simply let life be .. bottom line .. we do what we can each day and we leave the rest to God .. for He has given us a spirit .. not of fear .. but .. of power .. and love .. and self-control .. and yes sweet friends .. it belongs to us .. and yes .. we need to own it .. for we know that we know that we know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Let go of your concerns! .. then you will know that I am God .. I rule the nations .. I rule the earth”

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