Friends .. holding on to anger and old grudges .. well .. it can be a big problem .. haha .. that’s right .. for yes .. it simply steals energy from our own lives .. and yes .. every time we complain to others .. or .. even to ourselves about something or someone .. we’re simply making the wrong .. worse .. haha .. for the truth is .. no matter what the other person has done .. letting go of these negative emotions and grudges .. makes life so much easier for ourselves .. haha .. I know it’s hard to let go .. but .. for our own sanity .. it’s a must .. haha .. so .. trusting in this truth .. we simply go to God and we ask Him to help us to forgive .. just as He’s forgiven us .. yes friends .. we simply choose to focus on the more positive thoughts .. we choose to be thankful for what’s right in our lives .. rather than .. rerunning old wrongs in our minds .. over and over again .. haha .. and friends .. when we do this .. we’ll simply find .. we have so much more energy to enjoy our days .. simply because .. our own negativity is no longer draining all our positive energy .. that energy we could use to be doing something .. haha .. a little more productive .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Be kind and compassionate to one another .. forgiving each other .. just as in Christ God forgave you”

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