Yes friends .. all spiritual journeys are unique .. haha .. however .. they do in fact .. have common steps along the way .. no .. they’re not set in stone .. and no .. they don’t always occur in any particular order .. haha .. as matter of fact .. several steps can occur at the same time .. oh but .. we’re not anxious or worried .. for we know .. God will guide us along our way .. oh yes .. we’ll get off track .. haha .. that’s normal behavior .. but when we do .. we simply ask Him to show us the next step .. for the truth is .. when we’re on the right path .. haha .. we feel peace and contentment .. for friends .. His communications are delivered in love .. and we too .. haha .. should certainly use that feeling of love .. in any and all communications we have .. bottom line .. He knows what’s in our heart .. and friends .. haha .. we must be open minded .. haha .. and yes .. we must be willing .. for simply .. He’s not gonna kick the door down of our heart .. no way .. for His style .. haha .. is to gently knock .. and yes .. wait .. wait for us to open our door .. and simply .. invite Him on in to the house .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Here I am! .. I stand at the door and knock .. if anyone hears my voice and opens the door .. I will come in and eat with that person .. and they with me”


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