We can disagree with anything we want .. but to disagree simply does not give us the right to put demands toward others on how they should act or live .. there is no reason in this world why any of us should think that this is our place .. or .. that it’s even okay to do so .. oh sure .. personally .. I disagree with many things in life .. but .. that’s where it ends .. for friends .. we simply cannot force anything on anyone .. this is wrong and it’s downright prideful .. after all .. God is Love .. so .. if He doesn’t force His will on us .. who are we to try and force our will on someone else .. we are certainly not above Him .. the point being .. we know .. that we know .. that we know .. He is Love .. and .. we know .. we are created in His image .. and we know .. we should act like it .. for we are His light and His light .. shines bright for all mankind .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.

“Let your light shine before men .. that they may see your good works .. and glorify your Father which is in heaven”


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