I talk about fear quite often .. for simply ..  it’s what sways us to the right or to the left in most situations we face ..  our sense of fear brings on many good .. and yes .. bad decisions .. however .. what we must understand is really quite simple .. haha .. oh yes .. I know .. when faced with major stuff  in our lives .. nothing ever really seems simple ..  haha .. but friends .. what we can trust is this truth  .. no matter what kind of situation we may find ourselves facing .. we don’t evere have to be afraid .. for Our God .. haha ..  He’ll always be with us .. and yes .. He’ll always have our best interests in mind ..  simply because .. He loves us .. that’s right ..  so .. whenever those ugly feelings of fear creep into our mind  .. and yes .. they will .. we simply ..  turn to Him for the help we need to overcome that fear .. while successfully .. navigating through our circumstances .. haha .. bottom line .. whenever we sense Him calling us to do something that requires taking a risk ..  we need to move forward .. without fear .. for yes .. yes .. yes  ..  He’ll totally empower us to do .. whatever it is .. He’s calling us to do  .. and yes .. we simply can .. stand on this truth  .. haha .. so .. come on now .. it’ a new day and a new week  .. let’s get on out .. and .. get ‘er done ..  haha .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

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