Let’s Do This!

Every morning is a new opportunity to start our day off, with yes, a hope, a skip and a jump.
Think about it.  Most of the time when we’ve had bad days and we’ve allowed the enemy to rob us of our joy it’s simply because of the way we started.  We’ve gotten up thinking about all we have to do, all we haven’t done, what’s happening next week, not to mention all the other daily problems we have before us. Then yes, before our feet hit the floor, we’ve already found ourselves in his stopping grounds .
The truth is, when we allow our first thoughts to go awry, the slippery snake that he is, has us right where he wants us, and yes,  all day long we’re fighting to come out of it, while all the while, leaving us unproductive and down right fussy,
Oh but friends, it’s when we stay mindful of his tactics, and yes, we open our eyes with a mouth full of praise before our feet hit the floor.  Whether we whisper or holler “thank you Lord”,  we’re going to find, we’re off to the right start to a glorious filled day. 
And yes, the enemy, he’ll still try to rob us of our joy, however, he no longer has a foothold, for yes, we’ve put him in his place right out of the gate.
I can personally attest that it’s easy to go either way.  I’ve done them both and I can tell you this. It sure works better from the get go  when we get our  “God on”  right out of the shoot.
So with this truth, let’s get up, let’s do some praising, and yes, let’s get this day started with a hop, skip and a jump, that yes, is only found in Him.
For He is love, and yes, He loves us big, and yes sweet friends, we can totally rest in that love.  For we know that we know that we know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful”  Colossians 3:15
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