Friends .. many of us are facing giants today .. haha .. and yes .. it’s true that when we’re in the midst of facing these giants .. it’s easy to cry out asking God when will this mess be over .. for yes .. we’re ready to relax and breathe without fearing the next trouble .. and yes .. we want to know when this will be .. when will we be able to move on with our lives .. however .. haha .. Jesus says we don’t need to know when .. all we need to do is trust Him .. for yes .. He has a glorious plan and we’re part of it .. even these trials .. and yes .. even the tribulations we’ve encountered are part of His plan .. for yes .. they’re part of our lives .. and yes .. when we understand His will .. haha .. practicing it while bearing fruit comes easier day by day by day .. for yes sweet friends .. we build on knowledge and experience of the good and the bad times that we’ve worked through .. so yes .. we wait upon Him .. and yes .. we depend on His strength while casting our anxiety on Him .. simply trusting .. that yes .. He cares for us .. and yes .. will lift us up in His perfect timing .. for yes ..  He is love .. and yes ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“This is the confidence we have in approaching God .. that if we ask anything according to His will .. He hears us”

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