Friends .. if we let him .. the enemy will do all he can to steal our trust and our love .. and then .. haha .. he’ll do all he can to replace it with fear .. for yes .. we’ve been taught to to play it safe and keep it cool and in return we’ll win .. but the truth is .. only love wins .. and no .. love doesn’t win by playing it safe .. love wins by taking risks .. no .. love doesn’t win by keeping it cool .. love wins by boldly loving without needing to be loved in return .. for you see .. fear is a sign that we’ve turned our back on God and put our faith in ourselves .. and yes .. some of the strongest people we know are the ones who cry fail and fear .. yet .. it’s still “game on” simply because .. love wins .. it doesn’t always happen overnight .. but with persistence .. love always plays out .. no .. we can never be afraid to try .. to fail .. or .. to feel what comes with .. trying .. failing .. and .. feeling .. haha .. for yes .. this is what helps those we encounter to keep fighting their fight .. yes sweet friends .. it’s when we truly learn to love like we’ve never been hurt .. without fear of rejection or fear of exposure .. we’ll find .. we have nothing to fear .. simply because .. fear like love is a choice .. and yes .. we can make the choice everyday .. to yes .. live without fear .. and yes .. to love without fear .. think about it .. we all know God has a plan for our lives and with that plan we can rest assured that He’s always fighting for us .. He’s fighting for our families .. for our dreams .. and yes .. for our good .. haha .. for yes .. there’s a win stacked in the deck .. and yes .. it’s called love .. it never fails .. it never runs out .. and no .. it never gives up .. that’s His promise .. and yes .. we’re standing on that promise for in our hearts .. we know that we know that we know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Dear friends .. since God so loved us ..we also ought to love one another .. no one has ever seen God .. but if we love one another .. God lives in us and His love is made complete in us”

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