Friends .. loneliness within seems to rear it’s ugly head during the holidays .. for yes .. many of us experience it .. and yes .. it’s pretty darn common .. haha .. we reach out to others with the thinking that they can help fill the void .. you know .. the one we just can’t quite seem to put our finger on .. but honestly .. there’s only One who can fill that void ..for the truth is .. most of our feelings of loneliness .. simply often come .. from the failures we’ve had in life .. we pretend we’re confident and secure .. when yet .. on the inside we’re broken .. haha .. speaking from experience .. haha .. and yes .. a whole lot of it .. God .. who is and always will be “our best friend ever” .. can and will take each of us who have repeatedly failed .. and yes .. still fulfill His perfect plan for our lives .. and no .. it won’t be His second best .. but .. His best laid out plan .. haha .. and He does this .. simply because .. even the failure or failures themselves .. have been a part of His perfect plan to teach us .. haha .. a few unforgettable lessons .. and yes .. as impossible for it is for us to really grasp .. haha .. this is what He does .. for friends .. it’s when we’re broken that He can truly use us .. and yes .. haha .. failures have a way of breaking us down .. and yes .. one of the biggest problems He has is simply .. to bless us in such a way that it doesn’t make us “too big for our britches” .. haha .. for it’s true .. when we get victory over anger and resentment and become proud of it .. we only fall deeper into the pit that we were already in .. haha .. for yes .. He has to keep us humble in our victories .. for in reality .. genuine victory comes accompanied by a deep humility .. so .. we stay mindful that when we have failed repeatedly ourselves .. we can never look down on others who fail .. no way .. we emphasize with those who fall .. simply because .. we have come to know the very weakness of our own flesh through fall after fall after fall .. for in the end .. it’s not about us or our feelings of loneliness .. haha .. no way .. it’s about what we do for Him .. and yes .. His love we extend to others .. that yes yes yes .. can and will make a difference in all of our days while totally filling the void .. that only He can fill .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Come to me .. all who labor and are heavy laden .. and I will give you rest”

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