My sweet and longtime friend .. Shannon .. shares a little joke each week at church from the pulpit just before the offering and prayer .. I can’t remember exactly which Sunday .. as my memory is short .. but this day the joke was about .. Forrest Gump at the pearly gates .. haha .. you can imagine how cute it was .. for .. she can tell stories and jokes along with the best .. and .. I must add .. with full ease .. so .. as I walked through the store yesterday .. with all the Valentine candy on the shelves .. my short memory took me to that Sunday .. and .. Forrest .. then to that infamous phrase .. you know the one .. “My Mama always said .. life was like a box of chocolates .. you never know what you’re gonna get” .. haha .. just reading the phrase .. we can hear his voice .. oh yes .. we laugh because it came from a movie that warmed our hearts .. however .. when we think about it .. that phrase .. it’s so true .. in so many ways .. yes .. we get up each morning .. we have plans .. but .. the truth is .. we’re really unsure what the day may actually hold .. sometimes .. they go as planned .. and .. haha .. sometimes .. they move in a completely .. unplanned direction .. we just never know what may or may not happen in a day .. just like that box of chocolates .. there are days filled with nuts and caramel .. which I personally love .. while others are like the ones with maple nut cream .. which I don’t like a bit .. haha .. but yet .. we go through them enjoying the good ones .. when .. wham .. we are faced with a day .. where tragedy strikes .. or .. difficulty comes .. straight out of nowhere … so .. we sit the chocolates on the shelf .. leaving them untouched .. for these days .. there’s no sweetness to be had .. but friends .. this is where our trust kicks in .. for we know.. that God knows .. that life as it pertains to circumstances .. is simply .. uncertain for us .. so .. He comforts and reminds us .. as many times as He has to .. that He’s here for us .. that .. He’s our constant companion .. He’s our steadfast friend .. and .. He’s our consistently loving and merciful God .. for friends .. He doesn’t keep promises like we do .. no .. you see .. with Him .. it doesn’t matter what chocolate we’re in the middle of right now .. He’s hanging with us .. right on though .. any and all circumstances we may face .. and .. because we trust in this .. we can grab hold of Him with both hands as He leads us to safety .. every single time .. yes friends .. it’s that simple .. think about it .. for we know .. that we know .. that we know.. no matter what comes our way .. this faith .. this confidence .. and .. this hope that we hang on to .. it’s our unbreakable spiritual lifeline .. it’s His box of chocolates .. and friends .. they are the best on the shelf .. yes .. they are the sweetest and most satisfying of them all .. so .. all I can say now .. is simply .. let’s binge! .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Taste and see the Lord is good .. blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him”

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