If I’ve said in once .. haha .. I’ll say it hundred times .. one of the hardest yet most valuable lessons we can learn .. is that yes .. letting go and giving up what is beyond our control while embracing what we can actually change is indeed total freedom .. for yes .. for whatever reason .. we all have this need or tendency if you will to hold on so tightly to the past that we actually miss the new things that God wants to show us .. and yes .. the truth is .. we can’t control anything in the past .. all we can do is focus on the miracles that are surrounding us today .. for friends .. it’s in this day that we can take those things that once carved our hearts and replace them with His truth .. while simply choosing joy for ourselves .. for yes yes yes .. there’s so much beauty in letting it go ..  oh I know  .. it’s a daily process .. and yes I know .. it’s not always easy .. however .. it’s when when we take the right steps .. not only does it change us .. it has the power to reshape our next generation .. and yes .. the generation after that .. haha .. so yes sweet friends .. we get up and we let go of what’s holding us back for we simply don’t have the time to chase what we can’t control .. for yes .. our time is best spent sitting back and watching the fruit that our new way of living can and will produce .. and again we learn .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“And you will know the truth .. and the truth will set you free”



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