He counts the hairs on our head .. and .. He stores our tears in a bottle .. simply because .. He cares .. haha .. yes .. I’m talking about God .. and yes .. I find this crazy .. as my head is full of flaming gray hairs and the thought of trying to count them is absolutely ridiculous to me .. not only that .. but .. He must have some pretty big bottles .. for friends .. most all of us .. have cried many a tear throughout the years .. some in sadness .. some in pain .. and .. yes .. many in blessings .. for the truth is .. life is life .. things happen .. doors open .. doors close .. jobs are lost .. and .. our health changes .. yes .. life happens .. but friends .. it’s through these circumstances that He uses the opportunity to speak to us .. haha .. after all .. He did use a burning bush to speak to Moses .. haha .. imagine the look on his face when God’s voice came out of the flames .. if He did that today .. we’d all be standing up paying perfect attention .. haha .. but friends .. it’s not always that way .. no .. He doesn’t always speak big and loud .. nope .. He speaks quietly to our hearts .. and .. down deep .. we know it’s Him .. and .. we know .. that whatever He says to us .. even through our circumstances will never contradict Himself .. for .. if it’s written in His Word .. we better believe .. we can count it as Gospel .. haha .. that’s right .. He knows how to speak to each one of us .. we’re all different .. yet to Him .. we’re all the same .. He’ll send others across our paths .. simply to confirm His will for our lives .. for He .. determines each of our steps .. I mean think about it .. we could never have scripted anything we’ve gone through .. when we look back at our lives .. we can plainly see .. He has used our life lessons to mold and shape us to where we are today .. and .. if we don’t see that today .. haha .. take another look tomorrow or the next day .. for friends .. sometimes our circumstances .. they just aren’t that good .. but .. we can’t allow them to keep us from hearing or obeying what we know .. He has has planned for us .. for friends .. it’s when we are in our darkest days that He speaks the clearest .. we just have to stop .. rest .. and .. listen .. we need His perspective on every situation at hand .. haha .. yes .. as Followers we want to hear from Him .. and no .. it’s not always that easy .. for life .. it can come at us so fast that some days .. we have no idea what’s going on .. but friends .. we have to stop and simply ask for some sort of clarification .. for .. we simply need to know .. haha .. no .. we don’t have to be afraid to ask .. no way .. for the bottom line .. His primary desire in speaking to us is for eternal purposes .. and .. our mission is to learn how to hear His voice .. so .. we simply listen intently and carefully .. for .. it’s when we do .. we’ll hear Him clearly .. yes .. right through the crowd of noises in the world that we live .. as I sit here and think about it .. my heart is full and ever so grateful .. for friends .. He’s not given up on us .. for .. it’s true .. no matter who we are or what we’ve done .. He wants us all to hear .. His voice of love .. and feel .. His touch of grace .. yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“And your ears shall hear a word behind you .. saying .. “This is the way .. walk in it” .. when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left”


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